Here’s how it works:

  1. You register to be part of ExpoConnect at COE 2024 by clicking the join button at the bottom of this form!
  2. We post your company contact person’s information that you provide on the form to our website and promote that to our COE attendees.
  3. The attendees contact that person directly to set up a time at COE 2024 to meet. We have a designated time for these meetings on Tuesday 12/3 from 4-7pm, but if you won’t be there at that time, no problem! You’re free to set up your appointments with potential buyers anytime you’ll be in Branson! 
  4. You come to Branson, meet with your buyers and have a great show!

A question you might be asking yourself:

Q: Why do the attendees contact us directly and we control our own meeting set-ups?

A: We feel that letting the attendees/potential buyers contact you directly to set up a time to meet is great for multiple reasons!

  1. This allows you to already begin that relationship with the buyer before ever meeting face to face! A great way to build trust and rapport!
  2. You can have a quick discussion on why they’re looking to meeting with you and maybe after asking a few questions, two things could happen: you both decide they don’t quite need/want what you offer – or that maybe you can offer them services/products they didn’t even know they needed/wanted yet! 
  3. If you’re a service-based business, you could potentially get more information from them and actually be able to put together a proposal/contract for them and have it ready to present (and possibly sign!) at COE during your in-person meeting! This could really speed up your process of just talking to them briefly at your booth during the show, then spend weeks/months of back and forth calls and emails before you finally get to presenting a proposal. And that’s only if they contact you right away after the show to get the ball rolling and don’t get too busy to get back in touch!
  4. If you offer products to buy, you could potentially take their order even before the in-person meeting, and bring the items with you to COE for them to take. Maybe they’d even purchase a bit more since they’d save on shipping costs!
  5. Finally – you know your schedule and your product/service best. We aren’t here to keep you in a box or give you too little/not enough time to meet! If you know you need a good 30-minutes to chat to really deep dive into your services, then you can book that. If you only need 10-15 mintes to put together an order, then book that! You also know the days/times you’ll be available personally, instead of fitting into our box of pre-determined days/times we ask you to be available. 

What are the benefits to me?

Meeting with potential buyers before the Campground Owners Expo trade show floor opens with the ExpoConnect program can offer numerous advantages to you as an Exhibitor.

Here are some of those key benefits:

  • Understanding Buyer Needs: Pre-show meetings allow exhibitors to gain a deeper understanding of the specific needs and interests of the buyers. Especially with buyers contacting you directly before you even get to the show, this information can be used to tailor your booth presentations and product offerings during the actual show, making them more relevant and compelling.
  • Building Relationships: Here at the Campground Owners Expo, we wholeheartedly believe that people do business with those they know and trust. Engaging with buyers before the event, and in a more personal/private setting, helps establish a rapport and trust, which can lead to more productive and open discussions during the show and into the future. Early relationship building sets the stage for more effective negotiations and long-term partnerships.
  • Securing Sales and/or Productive Discussions for Future Purchases: By connecting with buyers in a private setting, exhibitors can ensure the customer is getting the best information about your products/services as it pertains to them and their park. The buyers setting an appointment with you also ensures that they are high-level prospects who are engaged and available at designated times, rather than relying on walk-in traffic alone.
  • Market Intelligence: Again by having early discussions with buyers who contact you to set up appointments can provide exhibitors with insights into industry trends, competitor activities, and potential challenges in the market. This intelligence can be used to adjust marketing messages and product development.
  • Highlighting Innovations: Exhibitors have the opportunity to tease new products or services before the show, creating anticipation and ensuring that buyers are eager to see the full reveal during the event. Or if you recently rolled out a new product/service and think the buyer would be interested, you can be sure to give them a more in-depth demonstration during your meeting than they may otherwise get as they just walk by your booth.
  • Feedback Loop: Early interactions can serve as a soft test of product concepts and marketing approaches, allowing exhibitors to gather feedback and make adjustments before the main event.
  • Efficiency Boost: Pre-show meetings help both exhibitors and buyers plan their time at the event more effectively, allowing for a focused approach that targets the most promising sales, leads and opportunities.
  • Promotional Opportunities: Exhibitors can use pre-show contact as a chance to offer special promotions or incentives for buyers who agree to meet during the show, enhancing the appeal of their booth.
  • Anxiety Reduction: By establishing connections and setting expectations before the show, both exhibitors and buyers can reduce the potential stress of trying to get through all the exhibitors at the show and still meeting with the ones they know for sure they want to do business with or place orders from, leading to more relaxed and fruitful interactions.

Overall, participating in ExpoConnect pre-show meetings can be a strategic tool for exhibitors, providing you with a head start in making your participation at the 2024 Campground Owners Expo as successful as possible!

What is my cost and what does it include?

  • ExpoConnect
    • Cost: $250 per Exhibitor
    • This tier includes:
      • Listed on the COE website as an ExpoConnect participant that is available to attendees for private pre-show meetings.
      • Table in main hallway for your meetings with buyers on Tuesday 12/3 from 4-7pm (appointments can be booked anytime, this is just the only night you’ll have a dedicated table for meetings).
      • Five (5) drink tickets for the cash bar to keep yourself or to giveaway to your customers!
  • ExpoConnect+
    • Cost: $1,000 per Exhibitor
    • This tier includes:
      • Listed on the COE website as an ExpoConnect participant that is available to attendees for private pre-show meetings.
      • Ten (10) drink tickets for the cash bar to keep yourself or to giveaway to your customers!
      • Private room for your meetings with buyers on Tuesday 12/3 from 4-7pm (appointments can be booked anytime, this is just the only night you’ll have a dedicated room for meetings) – set up a display of your products, giveaways, etc! AV equipment available for presentations and/or scrolling slideshows/videos.
      • This is a great option as well if you are a service-based business that needs a bit more privacy for sensitive subject meetings, if you want to schedule multiple people at the same time to give a more in-depth quick pitch, or if you’re just interested in hosting a reception/thank-you event for your current customers who are attending COE!
      • Food and drink packages available to add-on, inquire for details.