2024 ExpoConnect Participants



  • Our 2024 COE Exhibitors register to participate in ExpoConnect and we list them here on this page.
  • You browse the list for companies that have the products/services you’re interested in purchasing from or having a more in-depth/private conversation with about doing business together!
  • You contact the company to let them know you’ll be at COE 2024 and would like to set up a private meeting and they’ll help you book a time!
  • You come to COE in Branson and meet with the exhibitor at your designated time!

Note: If participants are an ExpoConnect+ tier participant, they will have their own private room for meetings and that room will be notated here on this page. If they are not in the private room tier, they will be lined up at tables in the hallway on the second level of the convention center (starting at the top of the escalators) in alphabetical order.


Check back soon as we add more participants!